The Terahertz Group - Prof. Dr. Roland Kersting

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Post doctoral positions

Terahertz Group / Photonics and Optoelectronics Group

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


The group's main research thrust focuses on the investigation of ultrafast electronic dynamics in semiconductors. Stimulated by the need for more efficient photovoltaic cells, we recently moved our interest towards charge transport in nano-structured wide band gap semiconductors. Examples are nanosystems of ZnO or TiO2, as they are used in dye-sensitized solar cells.  In such systems, the speed of charge transport mechanisms is crucial for the efficiency of future photovoltaic applications.

Many transport dynamics in structured semiconductor systems have terahertz (THz) rates, which makes THz spectroscopy an outstanding tool for following electronic dynamics. The lab is equipped with two setups for THz spectroscopy and a THz microscope, which provides submicron resolutions. Semiconductor structures can be fabricated in the clean room of the Photonics and Optolectronics Group. Additionally, all standard equipment for electronic characterization is available.

The candidate is expected to contribute to our research projects and to build up the photovoltaics research group. Independent research programs may be initiated. One vacant PhD position is available for support.  

Applications including a curriculum vitae and a list of publications may be send in PDF format to R. Kersting (roland.kersting"#"